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Engage Your Destiny: Practical Ways to Run After Your God-Given Purpose

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"Engage Your Destiny is a tale of resilience and redemption. Ben's account of facing bankruptcy, shattered dreams, and the brink of despair before discovering his true purpose will leave you inspired to navigate your own journey toward fulfillment and destiny.”

NYT bestselling author of The Circle Maker and Lead Pastor at National Community Church

— Mark Batterson

Praise for Engage Your Destiny

About The Author

Ben Peterson is a Jesus Follower, husband, father, and combat veteran. He believes with everything in his soul that nothing is impossible for those who have faith. 

Ben served in Iraq during the surge in 2008-2009. He lost 7 of his brothers in combat, experienced the fallout of suicide bombers at a local school, daily mortar attacks, and held the position of a Chaplains Assistant to perform the duties of a personal security detail to the Chaplain. 

In 2016, Ben founded Engage Your Destiny a nonprofit ministry that exists to engage with military, veterans and their families to lead them into their destiny. EYD creates events that engage with our heroes where they’re at and then leads them into programs which will resource them mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Out of this work in 2020, during the height of Covid, Ben birthed the Heroes Honor Festival which hosted over 35,000 attendees. Through the event 1,200 veterans were led into healing programs to resource and restore them.

Peterson fearlessly shares his own stories of pain, trauma, abuse, and addiction with readers. His honest insight and powerful stories display how God can break through to even the most unlikely corners of a person's life. Since his own recovery from a personal low point in his life, Peterson's life's passion has been to testify to what is possible when you walk closely with God.

Engage Your Destiny dives deep into hard topics, showing readers how God continuously shows up in even the most difficult of circumstances when people allow Him to lead their lives. 

Daring and vulnerable, Engage Your Destiny connects to the unseen aches and desires of the human heart to overcome our struggles and live out our dreams.

About the book

From mundane everyday tasks to life's mountain highs and valley lows, each chapter takes readers moment-by-moment through a story of God showing up in impossible ways. Interspersed within are tangible action steps, helping readers to reflect on these stories thoughtfully and infuse practical applications into their personal journeys.

Peterson outlines effective ways to:

  • Confront adversity with courage
  • Identify the brokenness in your heart
  • Find healing in a way that is both fun and inspirational
  • Walk closely with God towards fulfilling your dreams
  • Fully engage your God-given destiny

Engage Your Destiny powerfully illustrates that no matter what you're going through, God's destiny for your life is within reach, and you have the ability to embrace it.

"Engage Your Destiny is the best book I have found on how to practically live out the destiny God has for your life. Through all my years in Special Operations, I have seen so many young people struggle with finding their God-Given purpose. This book will guide your life like no other!"

—LTG (Ret.) Jerry Boykin